Human Resources

At NTF, the competence of each staff member is ensured in respect of training, skills and experience, for reasons of attaining the goals. The performance of the employee is evaluated and plans are developed for enhancing their capabilities. Also, in order to improve the professional competence of the staff members, regular training sessions are organized by local and international companies oriented towards the managers, engineers, foremen and operators. In NTF work sites, necessary measures of occupational health and safety are taken to minimize the hazards and risks that naturally exist in the construction sector involving an important rate of incidents of industrial accidents and professional illnesses. In order to preserve the professional health and safety of the employee, to ensure a safe working ambience and to minimize the possible industrial accidents and their effects, training sessions are held on the topics of protective-rescue equipment, first aid, compliance with safety signs, emergency planning and working with explosives. Furthermore, many social and sporting activities are organized to support the physical and psychological health of the employee.

The possibilities of training is provided to the university students and the successful students are granted local and international scholarship. The trainees are subjected to separate training at each department and they personally participate the practices.

Applications for a position at NTF are affected through the Internet home page. The submitted applications are categorized and maintained in the human resources database, for use based on possible future requirements.

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