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   NTF Construction Co. has been operating since 1995. The fundamental policy of our firm is to

attach a priority to quality in the production of work and services. The quality production adopted

as an inevitable principle is a requirement of our perception of serving the customers. Based on this

principle, our company has constructed dams, hydroelectric plants, and various irrigation, drainage,

water supply and sewerage facilities. The base policy of our company is to become a competitive

company in domestic and international market by increasing work efficiency and service quality

consistently by keeping up with technological developments and new production standards in the


NTF Co. has collaborated with various national and international renown companies and financial

institutions and has committed itself in commercial relations with several engineering, construction

and equipment production firms. We trust that such strong relations shall continue in the years to

come. NTF Co. has now a leading part in the Turkish construction sector in its 17th year.

In respect of implementing the existing technological and management systems, our company has a

broad vision and it is open for any innovation. In this context; in order to be integrated under the

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System (QMS) established in 2002, we, at Eren

Construction Co., are conducting our projects under the practices of ISO 14001 Environmental

Management System (EMS) and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety at Work (HSMS) system

formed in the year 2004. We, at NTF Construction Co., firmly trust that, under the light of our

experiences and our knowledge in the field of engineering and with the major contributions of our

experienced personnel; such systems will serve as an important advantage in the rational

management of the existing machinery and equipment. Thus, we have ultimately aimed at attaching

a priority to quality in production and services, and maximizing customer satisfaction in line with

the increasing productivity level.

Experience in advanced technology usage and knowledge of each staff of every department in our

Company, and particularly, our experience in Project management are our biggest assurance fort he

future of our Company. At the other side, our owned machinery and equipment provide great

advantage at producing high quality products and service with the usage of advanced technology.

With the great power that our experienced workers supplied, we show great effort and determination

to have new projects nationwide and abroad.

For all efforts our staff provided, thanks and best sincere wishes to all.

Yaşar EREN

Chairman, Board of Partnership